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Rules of this community [Apr. 30th, 2005|10:55 pm]
Think Before you Type



    Any subject is allowed for debate, as long as the post follows these rules:

  • No one word post or comments

  • No trolling, flaming, laming or spamming

  • Penalties for pissing us off (via being an ass or otherwise) will be the simple removal of posting privileges. In some cases, this will also include a banning.

  • To contribute to a subject in a post please use the comment area.</lil>

  • All posts must have had thought put into it that promote discussion, and/or debate of the subject.

  • When a point of view is presented within a post, one must support his/her thesis with information and/or sources, all while incorporating common sense.

  • Bias is allowed, but bias without logical explanation and support is not. EX: You're wrong because >subject here< is gay

  • Using proper grammar and spelling would be much appreciated

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