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Your All Going To Die! [Jul. 25th, 2005|01:44 pm]
Think Before you Type


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We will die in a huge flood! No wait, the would will burn to hell or is it that global warming stuff?

So many perspectives this topic can have. Predicting or wanting to know our death. Out of all the species of animals in the world, we were the only ones blessed with the knowledge that we will eventually die. With this knowledge, we try to prevent death by, taking medicine, wearing helmets, or not being a moron. To what measure of protections are we willing to take? Bombing other countries because they have the ability to bomb your own country? Humans crave power to feel superior, great, "immortal". Throughout the years, many have made predictions of our total destructions.

One was in the year 2000, with the Y2K bug. This "bug" was a coding habit from programmers who made programs with clocks and date that represented the year with a 2-digit number, the last two numbers in the year. As they did this they made the computer assume that the first 2-digits where 19. Therefore, when the computers hit the year 2000 they would just reset to 1900 and cause calculations based on dates incorrect and/or crash the system. This was lead to believe that this would cause "worldwide power failures, a total breakdown of the transportation infrastructure (meaning food cannot get to stores, etc.), planes falling out of the sky ". This clearly did not happen, at my end of the spectrum, life continued as usual, everyone was normal and economics stood steady. This prediction was made by over zealous religious folk, people who were easily scared, and people who purely didn't understand the situation. I am sure that most programmers knew what was going to happen and were making a fix etc. I use to think this whole ordeal was going to make a mark in my life where people would say, you survived the Y2K? How was it like? Then I would go next to the campfire puff my pipe, flicker my whiskers, and tell a story like a War World veteran would. Sadly, that will never happen, Y2K was just a programmers "Oops" and will hardly be remembered.

O-zone? Isn't that a pop group who started in Romania? Yup, but its also a scientific term for a layer in the earth's stratosphere which contains high concentrations of O3 . The layer that people just realized existed when they were told it's depleting, well,it's depleting. Using anything that releases carbon gasses into the air can respectively "wear-out" this layer. Some of you may ask (actually I hope you know about this) so how is this going to affect me? Well this causes a huge chain reaction. First, it starts global warming, which then causes ice to melt from the poles, which then causes flooding. I'm sure you can imagine what happens… no? People die. This situation has also been said to be the end of us all, that we all eventually drown. There is another theory to this, I cannot find the source at this moment but I can recall from memory. As the world is covered in water it heats up to make more clouds covering more and more of the earth eventually the whole earth is covered in clouds making it colder and freezing the water. When the water freezes, it turns white which reflects sunlight so it becomes even colder and this finally leads to the ice age. I am sure these theories have flaws so do not get caught up in it. Now this world ending situation is a little more believable than the Y2K bug but there only one thing wrong, all this takes time to do and by the time it takes full effect we'll be dead of age, maybe that's why no one cares. People think about your children and recycle your sandals.

Great Balls of Fire! Being slammed with an asteroid/comet. There is a theory on the dinosaurs being hit why not us? We are revolving around the sun as the sun goes with the motion of the galaxy we are bound to hit something. This theory is more of a random event than a planned out situation that we can prevent. That is why this theory I believe is one of the most deadly. As we sit here on our beautiful blue marble in space, we could be on a crash course with a comet. It does not have to be an unknown comet either, what if one day as Halley's comet is making its routine visits, we are in the wrong position and it rams right into us. If the impact did not kill you, the tidal waves will. This situation is so improbable to prevent. We could work our ass off to prevent world hunger, prevent the greenhouse effect, prevent wars, prevent disease, but then a comet comes along and it was all for nothing. This type of situation can happen at anytime and for those of you that think we would know before hand that it would hit us, actually no you will not. The ones that would know before hand are going to be NASA, the government, and any astronomer that actually studies this and they will not tell us anything. Why won't they tell us? Because they will assume it would cause mass hysteria and everything will screw up before the comet even hits. They will treat us like dogs, because the dog does not know its going to die, that why it crosses the traffic whenever he want and still wags its tail. Everyday it is happy wagging away not knowing it is going to die. Lets say some how we communicated to the dog that it was going to die and that its days are numbered. That dog won't be wagging its tail everyday, it won't go outside out of fear of death, it won't be the same dog anymore so you might as well tell the dog nothing and let it be happy till the last seconds of life than to tell it now and have 5 years of misery.

Of course, there are many more situations that could cause the end of the world but I would like to let the few who read this to give me their interpretation. I did not give anything on religion because that's not my field, I'll let someone who knows more about that to write about it. By the way as a reminder It's okay to be anti-science or anti-religion, just when you respond be intelligent about it and don't give us the argument " Your wrong because I'm right" okay.

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